Quick Curling is a new format of curling to try. Games last only one hour.
• Teams of 3 players.
• Games are 55 minutes with clock starting on allocated game time.
• A maximum of two points will be available per end except at the final end.
• Once the time clock runs out the game stops completely and stones in a scoring position will count.
• Each player will deliver 2 stones per end.
• No Stones can be removed from play until the middle players first stone.
• Only 1 team member can sweep at any one time.
• Players will rotate positions after every end. Lead, Middle and Skip (Skip moves to lead and other positions move up.)

  • Quick Curling Saturdays 11th, 18th & 25th March at 2pm

    Following the initial successful trial of quick curling, we are planning to have quick curling games on the next 3 Saturdays at 2pm.
    If you wish to have a go, please complete the Entry Form and tick the date or dates that are preferable for you.
    You can enter as a team of 3 or as an individual to be allocated a place in a team.
    Games will be at 2pm and 3pm lasting for for 55 minutes. Rules of the game will be issued to those that sign up, but can be
    found on the SCG website. The cost will be £8 per person per game.

    The on-line Entry Form can be accessed via the following link:

  • Quick Curling Trial

    Sat 25th February 2023 at 2pm

    Quick Curling is a new format of curling to try. Games last only one hour so why not give it a go in your spare time on Saturday 25 February at the NCA, Stirling.
    Apply as an individual and we will put you into teams of 3 or enter as a team of 3.
    All curlers must be members of Scottish Curling and the cost is £8 per player per game.
    Experienced Quick Curlers will be on hand to explain more and keep you right!


    The closing date for applications is 10th February 2023.

    Further details available from secretarystirlingcurlinggroup@gmail.com