The Doune Rosebowl competition, the Opening Bonspiel of the Season is open to all current SCG Member Clubs who wish to enter a team, consisting of their Club Members, to compete for the Doune Rosebowl. There will be an afternoon session followed and an evening session. There will be prizes for the winning team of each session with the Doune Rosebowl going to the overall winner.

he format will be a progressive bonspiel with the winning teams moving up one sheet after each end and the losing teams staying put. Losing team has last stone on next end – first end toss for last stone. Session winners and overall winner will be decided by Ends, then Shots Up and then Shots For.
Entries will be restricted to 12 teams for each session and entries will be taken in the order that they are received.
Clubs may enter a team for both sessions, but second entries will only be acceptedif there are less than 12 entries for each session. If entering two teams please indicate first and second choices of sessions.
The Committee reserve the right to invite people to make up teams in the event of entries being under subscribed, and those teams need not consist of curlers from the same club.


  • Doune Rosebowl results table

  • Doune Rosebowl Photos

    Congratulations to Kilsyth CC who won both sessions and received the Doune Rosebowl 2023

  • Doune Rosebowl Application 2023

    The Doune Rosebowl, the Opening Bonspiel of the season for Peak based Clubs (all players in a team must be members of the Club), will take place on Wednesday the 6th September 2023 with sessions at 3pm and 6pm. Clubs may enter up toa total of 2

    Entry for the Competition will be via an on-line entry form which can be found at:
    The deadline for entries is April 30th 2023 and the £12 Entry Fee must be paid by 30 th
    July 2023—Ice Fees will be collected once they are known.
    A Team will not be considered as entered until both their Entry Form and Fee Payment have been received by SCG.
    Payment of the £12 entry fee must be via bank transfer to the SCG Bank Account:
    Sort Code 83 16 03,
    Account Number 00662179
    Please use Abbreviated Club Name plus DR in the payment reference.
    The Bonspiel will be played as a progressive Bonspiel with a prize for the winning team of each session. The Doune Rosebowl will be presented to the overall winner.

  • Doune Rosebowl 2022 Result
    Club Session Ends Shots Up Total  Shots1500  Session  Postion1800  Session  PostionOverall  Position
    Kippen 1800 11 12  1
    Sauchie & Bannockburn 1800 10 12  2
    Kilsyth 1500 10  3
    Dunblane 1800 10  4
    Old Fellows 1500  5
    Forth Valley Ladies 1500  6
    Blair Drummond 1800  7
    Bridge of Allan 1800  8
    Dollar Ladies 1500  9
    Doune 1800 -2  10
    Falkirk 1800 -3  11
    Balfron 1800 -3  12
    Denny 1800 -4  13
    Drymen 1500 -6  14
    Borestone & Stirling 1800 -1  10 15
    Falkirk Ladies 1500 -2  16
    Kilsyth 1800 -5  11 17
    Bonnybridge 1800 -8  12 18
    Final Results Table
    Doune Rosebowl Afternoon Players

    Doune Rosebowl 2022 Afternoon Session


    Afternoon Play

    Afternoon Session


    Afternoon Session winners Kilsyth with SCG Chair


    Doune Rosebowl 2022 Evening Session


    Evening Play


    Evening Session Winners Kippen

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