Matches are to be played generally in accordance with RCCC rules with the departures listed below.

All matches to be played over 8 ends.

Match Scoring Priority: Points for a win, then shots up, then ends up.

WIN = 3 Points DRAW = 1 PointDRAW = 2 Points for the team with most ends

Cards to be fully recorded with the SCCA League as the match with club names, date, time and players names. The two skips have the responsibility of signing the completed cards and depositing in the SCG box.

Late arrival: Penalties will not start until 15 minutes after the official starting times. Thereafter 1 shot penalty for every 5 minutes per missing player up to  a maximum of 4 shots. If the missing player should turn up after the “penalty period” (grace time plus penalty time) then he/she will only be allowed to take to the ice with the agreement of both skips.

3 Player Rule: A club presenting a team with only 3 players will forfeit 4 shots. The match should then be played as normal. Matches should commence when each team has presented at least 3 players.

Teams with more than 1 player missing will forfeit the match for a score of 6 shots to zero and 6 ends. The club in default shall also pay the ice for the two teams.

Payment for ice will be in line with current SCG agreed practice.