Doubles League for 2023

We are excited to get this trial league up and running this year!! Doubles Curling is growing very quickly on the World Stage. It’s popularity is due in part to the fact that a team is much easier to put together . . . only TWO people. And, in our League, it does not have to be one man and onewoman – just you and your friend/teammate – or just apply as an Individual and we will pair youup. How easy is that?
The game is faster paced with only 5 stones thrown per team (plus 2 placed) but is no lessstrategic than the 4 person game.
Entry Conditions:
Open to any curlers whose club normally plays at The Peak.
All curlers must be members of Scottish Curling
A choice of Leagues either on a Monday afternoon at 3pm or a Wednesday evening at
8.30pm both running from the 27th Feb to the 22nd March Cost £8 per player per game