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 The group pursues the interests of all people curling at The Peak Ice Rink, Stirling, Scotland.


  •   To be a collective voice for all clubs and groups using The Peak Ice Rink
  •   To support the Development Officer to develop curling
  •   To manage The Peak Competitions and Leagues
  •   To liaise with Active Stirling on behalf of all curlers and to manage the relationship between Active Stirling and all curlers.

Membership is open to all clubs and groups  involved with the sport of curling at The Peak Ice Rink.

NCA Curling

The Peak Ice Rink has a main arena with six sheets available for general curling. In a separate annex is the Scottish Curling Nation Curling Academy with four sheets of ice. This facility is first and foremost a training facility and is fitted out with all the equipment necessary for British and Scottish teams to prepare for Olympic and World Championships. Clubs and individual curlers can be allocated any spare ice that is not being used by these elite players.

Ice can be booked through the Peak Booking system online; the Active Stirling APP Active Stirling APP or alternatively come in and enquire at the front desk.

 More details on the Peak Website.


We now have the following dates/times available with the first session today at 5.30pm. The full list of available sessions is:
Tuesday 8th March at 5.30pm
Wednesday 9th March at 5.30pm
Tuesday 22nd March at 5.30pm
Wednesday 23rd March at b5.30pm
Thursday 24th March at 5.30pm
Any of these sessions can now be booked via the Active Stirling booking system - please follow the instructions below - I have also included a bit of information on what to wear and what to expect and have included a link to a Scottish Curling video to give you more guidance.
All Try Curling sessions must be booked by the individual themselves so please follow the process, below, to view the sessions and then, hopefully, book one that is suitable for you:-
Using a laptop/computer, rather than a mobile device (see below for the process for mobiles), go to
You then need to sign up to create an account simply by using your e:mail address and selecting your own 4 number PIN then log in again and click on "Make a Booking" (in white at top left under Active Stirling). Then scroll down the alphabetical Activity Types and select "The Peak - Curling".
Then scroll down the alphabetical Activities and you will come to a number of activities called "Try Curling Olympic" just choose the day, date and time that suits you best and click on it and then follow the instructions to book a place - you will also be taken to the payment page - mthis needs a credit/debit card - the cost is £4.50 for a 1 hour session.
If you are using a mobile device then click on the same link and once registered  sign in again BUT you then need to scroll all the way right - you will then see an icon with 3 bars - click on this icon and then scroll all the way back left where you will then see the "Make a Booking" icon - then follow the above procedure.  


  • Warm-up
  • Moving around; getting comfortable and confident on the ice
  • Introduction to curling delivery and opportunity to practice
  • Introduction to sweeping and opportunity to practice
  • Full length curling delivery; how far can you send the stone?
  • Cool-down


All equipment is supplied including brushes and sliders. All you need is warm, loose fitting clothing and clean, flat, rubber soled shoes (trainers are ideal) to change into for curling. Delivery sticks allow stones to be delivered from a standing position or wheelchair and are available for those with mobility issues.


Have a look at the Try Curling safety video prior to attending your session - see

Please talk to family, neighbours, friends and colleagues about the opportunity to have a go at curling through the Try Curling Sessions at the Peak.
Attached is the latest SCG flyer for Try Curling. The flyer gives the dates and times of the upcoming sessions timed to coincide with the interest in curling generated by the upcoming Winter Olympics.
Should anyone be interested in trying curling then the best way of booking a session at the Peak is to copy and paste the following weblink:
This will take them to the Active Stirling on-line booking system where they, first, need to sign up (name, e:mail address and choosing their own PIN etc) to create an account. Once they have registered they can log back in and then click on "Make a Booking" and then they should scroll down the page of "Activity Types" and select "The Peak - Curling". Then they should scroll down the page and they will find the list of Try Curling sessions by date and time. They click on the session date/time they wish and they are then taken to the pages where they can book and pay for (by Debit/Credit Card) for their session.
All of the Try Curling sessions are open for booking now. Each session may have 1 or 2 sheets of ice available and each sheet will take 8 entries (you can see how many spaces are available for each session once you select that session.


Junior (8 - 17 years) try curling at The PEAK

Learn all the skills and techniques to curl with confidence on the ice. A fun, easy going coaching session to introduce you to curling.

  • A recap of junior try curling
  • Coaching from RCCC qualified coaches
  • Progress your curling delivery from the try curling session
  • Learn how to throw the curling stone
  • Sweeping
  • Some rules, etiquette and scoring of the game
  • Learn basic tactics
  • Fun coaching drills
  • Play curling games

 Find a session at the Peak, Stirling.


Beginner Classes give you the confidence and skills to play curling if you’ve never curled before or have previously enjoyed a Try Curling session. Classes last approximately 2 hours and are available in a range of options including weekend sessions or four week blocks.

Find a class at the Peak, Stirling.


ON THE BUTTON – 1.5 hours per week

For those who have completed Active Stirling’s junior beginners class you can join us at our on the button junior club. There is no limit for how long you stay in on the button but it’s a great stepping stone before our Stirling Young Curlers club pathway.

Every  Thursday 4.00pm-5.30pm    School Term only




Stirling Young Curlers is a thriving junior club that curl every Saturday

from 8.30am – 12.15pm in our NEW National Curling Academy. Our coaches and volunteers are all RCCC qualified. Lots of our junior members venture out and play on the U14, U17 and U21 Grand Slam circuits around Scotland.