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Scottish Rink Championship Qualifiers I've Got A Team
Only open to curlers who are members of clubs which are affiliated to Scottish Curling.  All entrants must also be valid Scottish Curling members for the competition season.  

Scottish Curling


Open to any Club Team playing at The Peak. Local Rinks are responsible for running their own local qualifier BUT entries for each local Rink qualifiers are made via the Scottish Curling Website with a closing entry date of the end of June – hence SCG need to book ice blind as we do not know until July which teams or how many teams have entered. We normally assume 4 entrants (as has happened in the past, if there are less than 4 entries for a Rink the teams play in a qualifier at another Rink) and book 2 sheets for the semis and 1 sheet for the final – winner goes through to the National event. If necessary we fit another sheet (or 2 ) in to play a preliminary round. 

The finals are normally played in mid-March at Forfar

What's Happening?

In the season 2021-2022 Kilsyth were the only club hat entered and have since gone straight through to the finals. It is hoped that next season more teams will reneter this competition once Covid19 pandemic eases.