Stirling Curling Group

On the morning of 31 January a bunch of enthusiastic curlers, keen to escape the festive madness, made their way to the NCA for some curling fun.  Our usual format had already been altered, but due to increasing Covid cases one team pulled out, so we had to be creative in designing a competition of sorts.  In the end, every team played against each other for one end and every team played a draw shot challenge with all 16 stones.   Although there were inevitably only two winners, everyone departed in good spirits to bring in the New Year.

The team skipped by Alan Lee, with team members Gordon Nicol, Fraser Russell and Laura Lee won the draw shot challenge with an impressive 90 points.  All their stones except for one were in the play:  3 stones were touching the button, 3 stones were touching the 4 foot, 6 stones touching the 8 foot and 3 stones were touching the 12 foot.  The team skipped by Derek Young, with team members Vic Knox, Lorna Brown and Janice Young came second with 72 points.  Most teams had plenty of stones in the guard zone, but relatively few in the centre of the house.

The team skipped by Harry Brodie, with team members Peter McLaren, Jacky McLaren and Michele Brodie won the team challenge, being the only team to win 5 out of 6 ends and 7 shots up.  Team Derek Young was second.  Whilst each “game” was only one end, it meant we all had a chance to play everyone and we had time to sanitise stones after each end.

Our thanks to Derek Young for assisting SCG in the organisation of this event and also thanks to the Ice Techs for providing good ice on the last day of the year.