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 The group pursues the interests of all people curling at The Peak Ice Rink, Stirling, Scotland.


  •   To be a collective voice for all clubs and groups using The Peak Ice Rink
  •   To support the Development Officer to develop curling
  •   To manage The Peak Competitions and Leagues
  •   To liaise with Active Stirling on behalf of all curlers and to manage the relationship between Active Stirling and all curlers.

Membership is open to all clubs and groups  involved with the sport of curling at The Peak Ice Rink.

NCA Curling

The Peak Ice Rink has a main arena with six sheets available for general curling. In a separate annex is the Scottish Curling Nation Curling Academy with four sheets of ice. This facility is first and foremost a training facility and is fitted out with all the equipment necessary for British and Scottish teams to prepare for Olympic and World Championships. Clubs and individual curlers can be allocated any spare ice that is not being used by these elite players.

Ice can be booked through the Peak Booking system online; the Active Stirling APP Active Stirling APP or alternatively come in and enquire at the front desk.

 More details on the Peak Website.


Bounce Back to Curling Week at the Peak is now finished.

It was a great success for those who enthusiastically attended. 

Bounce Back Week, A Message from the Chair of SCG.

The idea of Bounce Back Week emerged in late Spring when there were positive signs that the Covid pandemic was easing and there was every chance we would be curling again this autumn.  The committee of SCG set to and started planning what the week could look like.   It was a gamble – we didn’t know if Covid restrictions would lift enough to allow curling;  we didn’t know if clubs and individuals wanted to curl so early in the season;  we didn’t know if curlers would be willing to curl in the circumstances;  we didn’t even know what the circumstance would be. 

The weeks passed incredibly quickly, and the event opened on Monday 23 August 2021. There was a nervousness on faces entering the ice rink for the first time in 18 months but smiles and expressions of gratitude on those leaving. Whilst the event could have accommodated more curlers, SCG was happy that it enabled about 200 curlers, attending around 500 curling slots to gain confidence with the ice, with the Covid conditions and with social gatherings again.  

Such was the success of the event that SCG are planning something similar next year.  Participants gave useful feedback which is being analysed and will help shape future events.

The SCG Committee thanks Active Stirling, the Ice Techs, Stirling Ladies Area Branch and Scottish Curling who all contributed to make this a successful week.

The season starts in earnest now. We will see the effects of the Covid19 Pandemic on players in the coming weeks. Hopefully, Bounce Back Week gave many people confidence to come to the Peak to curl in future.