Q1. How many Teams can my Club enter into 1 League?
There is no limit to the number of teams you can enter into 1 league but SCG reserve the right to limit the
number of teams entered to 12 and also to ensure that the teams selected to play in that league are chosen
in the fairest way possible for all Clubs and Individuals. This means that one or more multiple entries from a
Club may be deselected in the interest of getting more Clubs and individual curlers into that league.

Q2. What happens if a league is short of teams?
SCG will contact Clubs to see if they can raise a team of at least 4 which can then be coupled with any 2
individual alternates or subs that have entered as individuals.

Q3. What happens if a league is over subscribed?
We are looking to using all the peak ice, if a league is oversubscribed we will look to utilise the NCA ice to try
to get as many teams in a league as possible. If this is not possible then we will look to ensure we get a broad
range of Club Teams and Individual Curlers as possible but this does mean that one or more Club Teams may
have to be de-selected. But in the fairest possible way.

Q4. I am an individual curler – if I enter who will I play with?
SCG will pool together individual entrants to form a team(s). Where possible we will put an individual into a
team playing in his/her preferred position.

Q5. I would like to play occasionally in a league is this possible?
Yes – if you belong to a Club who is entering a team then you can be entered into that team as an Alternate
- you can then liaise with your Skip as to when you want to play. You can be an Individual entrant and, on
the entry form, you can select to be an Alternate and be allocated to a team and again you can liaise with
your Skip. If, on the entry form, you select the option Substitute then all Clubs will have a list of the
Substitutes and you may be asked to play on an ad-hoc basis.

Q6. What happens if I am due to play at 17.30 but my train is late, or the traffic is bad, and the entrance door
has closed by the time I get there?
The game can progress with only 3 players in your team and there will be no penalty. If a team only has 2
players then we would ask that the opposing Skip provides your team with 1 player such that a 3 vs 3 game
can be played =- again with no penalty.