General Rules

The normal rules of curling will apply as amended by the latest version of the Scottish Curling "Return to Curling Guidelines" (currently V7.0 dated 2nd October 2020)
Morning Ladies Leagues are open to Ladies only.
Afternoon Gents Leagues are open to Gents only
Daytime Mixed League Teams must play at least 1 Lady and 1 Gent in the team in any game.
Evening Mixed Leagues are open to Teams of any makeup, all male, all female or mixed.
All Entrants must be members of Forth Valley Area Clubs and must be Members of Scottish Curling. They must include their membership Number when entering. Entrants/Players must not have paused membership of Scottish Curling in season 2020/21
Teams must be made up from Squads of 4 to 7 Players – 6 is the preferred number.
Unlimited Subs can be used subject to a maximum of 2 subs per game. All Subs must have entered the League via the online booking form. Subs can play for different teams on different dates.
No Team COVID-19 Officer is formally required but Skips must ensure their squad and Subs understands and follows Scottish Government, Scottish Curling and Active Stirling Guidelines.
Individuals can sign up and be allocated to a team/squad or they can choose to be an alternate and be allocated to a team or they can choose to be a Sub in which case they will be added to the Sub pool and can
play for any team in the league on a week by week basis.
A Club may enter multiple teams in any league provided their team is valid for that League type. SCG, however reserve the right to filter entries such that a fair balance is struck between Club Teams and teams made up of Individual Entrants.
Clubs are encouraged to ask their remaining any members not designated in a Club Team to enter an appropriate League as individuals.
All games shall be played to a minimum of 6 ends.


Skips of all teams to give all squad players as equal a number of games throughout the season as possible.
Skips must ensure a Scorecard is completed clearly and accurately by the 2nd player and the Skip must take a clear photo of the card and keep it for 21 days or pass to the Club’s COVID-19 Officer for holding for 21 days.
Completed Scorecards should be deposited in the Scorecards box in the Peak Ice Hall or if playing in the NCA a photograph of the scorecard should be sent immediately to the SCG Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All curlers must follow Active Stirling Return to curling guidelines at all times when entering the Peak facility and when preparing to play and when playing. They must also follow instructions on any signage within the Ice Halls.
Should a player fail to get entry into the Peak facility in time to play then the game shall continue with no penalty.