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League Entry Form 2017-18

Please note amended Rules - attached


Entry Fee £20 per team per competition

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By entering you agree to abide by the competition rules (attached) and you also consent for your contact details being made available to opposing skips of the same competition.


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Please complete and return the form by the deadline of 31st March 2017 either:

by e:mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by mail to:


Stirling Curling Group, The Peak, Stirling Sports Village, Forthside Way, Stirling, FK8 1QZ.


To secure your entry place payment of entry money (£20 per team per competition) should be paid by 31st March 2017 and can be made as follows:


Bank Transfer to:

            Account Name:                    Stirling Curling Group

            Sort Code:                             83 16 03

            Account Number:               00262715

Please use the name on your entry form as the payment reference.


Payment will also be accepted by cheque made payable to Stirling Curling Group and sent to the above address.


More information is available at


Competition Rules from April 2017



  1. A) Registration
  • A team will consist of four players, regardless of gender or age.


  • A team consisting totally of Young curlers can enter BUT the name of a Nominated Adult, who has agreed to be responsible for the team, must be declared on the Entry Form. A discounted ice fee may be available for a team consisting totally of Young Curlers (including substitutes).

 3) A skip can play nominated players (see entry form) in any order, subject to rules C1 and C3

 4) A team that played the previous season will be placed in the league they finished in or were promoted or relegated to; see section B3.

 5) To be regarded as a team that played the previous season the team will have to have a minimum of two nominated team players from the previous year's team, otherwise it will be regarded as a new entry to the Peak leagues and placed in the lowest league.

 6) For any team to be eligible for entry the skip must declare four nominated team players when registering for a new season.

If for any reason a skip cannot or fails to nominate a team prior to the commencement of a season (rule A5) the organisers will assume the nominated team players will consist of the team registered the previous season or if no team had been registered, will regard the first four players from that season's scorecards not indicated as a substitute, to be the team and the rules applied accordingly. (see rule C3)

 7) A new team registering to play in the Peak leagues will be placed in the lowest league.


  1. B) General Rules

 1) Games will be eight ends (maximum) or the bell. A minimum of six ends will be completed.

 2) Two Points for a win, one for a draw, then ends up, shots up, shots for to count.

 (In the unlikely event of the league still being tied after taking account of all of the foregoing, the result of the game/s involving the tied teams only will be used to establish final league positions).  If there is still a tie the league will be declared a draw.

  • The top two teams in leagues 2 and 3 will move up a league the following season. The bottom two teams of leagues 1 and 2 will move down a league the following season. (SCG reserve the right to promote/demote more than 2 teams per division where necessary to balance the Divisions.



 4) A player will only play for one team in a Division. For a breach of this rule a penalty will be applied:

Penalty: If a player plays for a second team in a Division, the offending team will be deducted one point and two ends from their league total.

N.B. The player has a responsibility to inform his/her skip if they have played for another team in any of the three leagues during the current season and what position they played.

5) A nominated player can only play above 2nd position for one team in only one of the three divisions.

6) If a team has less than three players at the time of commencement of the game it shall forfeit the game and a score of minus 6 shots and minus 4 ends shall be recorded for it and a score of 2 points, plus 6 shots and plus 4 ends in favour of their competitors.

7) In the event of a team failing to appear for a scheduled game, that team will be responsible for all the ice fees for that game. The non-offending team will be awarded the game and receive two points and four ends. The offending team will be deducted one point and one end from their overall league score.

8) In the event of both teams failing to appear for a scheduled game, they will each be responsible for paying their respective ice fees. In such circumstances the game will be declared null and void and no points, ends or shots will be awarded to either team and in addition the offending teams will be deducted one point and one end from their overall league total.

9) Rules not covered in this document will be played as the RCCC Rule Book, including free guard zone.


  1. C) Substitutes

 1) To assist skips to be able to field full teams there will be no overall limit to the number of substitutes that a Team can use throughout the season. This is a generous allowance however it is subject to the following restrictions:

  1. In each game there must be at least two of the nominated players playing for the team.
  2. The first substitute must play at Lead
  3. If a second substitute is needed they shall play at Second
  4. A substitute may only play for 1 team in a Division

Penalty: If Rule C1 is breached the offending team will have one point and two ends deducted from their overall league total for each and every breach.

 2) Substitutes MUST be marked on the scorecard by placing an ‘S’ next to their name. In the event that substitutes are not marked then the organisers will assume the first four players (calculated from the first game of the season) not marked as substitutes are the original team and any other player throughout the season is a substitute, whether marked as a substitute or not.

 3) A nominated player in one Division can play as a substitute in another Division subject to rules B5 and C1.

Penalty: A team will be deducted one point and two ends from their league total for each violation of this rule.



  1. D) Three Players

 1) In circumstances where a team is reduced to three players and cannot field a substitute it will be allowed to play, however the team will be subject to both a game handicap at the time of the game and league table penalty in terms of the league position calculation. (see a, b and c below )

 The game handicap will be applied on the night to determine the outcome of the game. The result, after the application of the handicap, will stand and points will be allocated accordingly. The game penalty, will be given to a team that fails to have four players, the number stated in the rules and subject to the twenty five minute cut off rule – see below for a more detailed explanation:

 (a) If a team has only 3 players at the start of the game, the game shall proceed. If the 4th player arrives late and enters the game the offending team will receive a game handicap of one shot for every complete 5 minutes the player is late, to a maximum of five shots. A player later than a full twenty five minutes late will not be allowed to play. The game however will continue (three players against four) with the game handicap shots being used to calculate the outcome of that game.

 Game handicap shots will only be used to decide the outcome of the game and will not be included in the league table.

 (b) If a game commences and is played to a conclusion with only three players in each side, there will be no requirement to apply a game handicap on the night as no team will have a numerical advantage. However both teams will be penalised, see (c) below.

 (c) The League Penalty for completing a game with three players will be a deduction of two ends from its overall league total.

  1. E) Fixture Rearrangement

 1) In the event that a tie cannot be played on the scheduled date the team cancelling will be responsible for informing their opposition within a reasonable timescale and for rearranging the tie at a mutually agreeable date and time. Should a mutually acceptable date/time not be available then the Match will be deemed a draw and each team will be awarded 1 point, zero shots for/against and zero ends for/against.

 2) The Stirling Curling Group must be informed of a rearranged fixture.

  1. F) Scorecards

 1) Scorecards must be legible, properly filled and fully completed:

  1. a) Enter the date and the Competition (Division 1 etc etc).
  2. b) The team name will be the name of the person who entered / registered the team.
  3. c) All players’ names must be printed in full and must be legible.
  4. d) Cards must have each end properly marked up and total of game score entered. (In the event of an incomplete score or a wrong score, organisers make such adjustments as they deem fit.)
  5. e) Card must be signed by both skips (no signature – no points).
  6. f) Cards to be posted, immediately after the end of each game, in the box marked 'scorecards only' (game will not be scored if card is missing).