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 The group pursues the interests of all people curling at The Peak Ice Rink, Stirling, Scotland.


  •   To be a collective voice for all clubs and groups using The Peak Ice Rink
  •   To support the Development Officer to develop curling
  •   To manage The Peak Competitions and Leagues
  •   To liaise with Active Stirling on behalf of all curlers and to manage the relationship between Active Stirling and all curlers.

Membership is open to all clubs and groups  involved with the sport of curling at The Peak Ice Rink.

NCA Curling

The Peak Ice Rink has a main arena with six sheets available for general curling. In a separate annex is the Scottish Curling Nation Curling Academy with four sheets of ice. This facility is first and foremost a training facility and is fitted out with all the equipment necessary for British and Scottish teams to prepare for Olympic and World Championships. Clubs and individual curlers can be allocated any spare ice that is not being used by these elite players.

Ice can be booked through the Peak Booking Team. Please contact them on 01786 273555 (option 2, option 1) or via bookings email alternatively come in and see them at the Peak.

 More details on the Peak Website.


A) Entries
A.1 Entries for the leagues must be made in writing on the official entry form and must be received by SCG by the closing date. Any entry fees must be paid by the date requested on the entry form – failure to pay entry fees on time may result in teams being removed from the draw. SCG, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to accept late entries and late entry fees.

B) Registration of Teams
B.1 All players must be members of Scottish Curling, and be a registered member of a club currently affiliated to Scottish Curling.
B.2 Teams will consist of four players drawn from a squad of a minimum of four and a maximum of six nominated players, regardless of gender or age. A maximum of 2 non-nominated players (substitutes) may be used per game with no limit on the number used in the season. Nominated players must be confirmed in writing to SCG before the first league game. If a team does not meet this requirement, then their sole nominated players will be taken as the 4 Players playing in the first game, whether marked as subs or not. A skip can play nominated players in any order, including the Mixed League Division, but mixed league teams must contain 2 male and 2 female players in any order.
B.3 A team consisting totally of junior curlers can enter BUT the name, e-mail address, and telephone number of a Nominated Adult, who has agreed to be responsible for the team, must be declared on the Entry Form. The nominated adult must also sign the entry form. A discounted ice fee may be available for a team consisting totally (including substitutes) of junior curlers. In the event of any queries or disputes, SCG will contact the responsible adult.
Note that Active Stirling only consider junior teams eligible for reduced ice fees where all players in the team are under 16, not under 21 as per Scottish Curling.
B.4 A team that played in the previous season will be placed in the division they finished in, or were promoted or relegated to, provided that at least 2 of last year’s Peak League nominated players are nominated again for the new season AND these players MUST have played in at least 3 games last season AND must play in at least 3 games in the new season. If teams do not comply with this over the season then they will automatically be relegated to the bottom division the following season.
B.5 If a squad of players splits up for the following season, only one entry from those players will be accepted to remain in the current division, and priority will be given to the previous season’s team named entrant. Other entries will be treated as new entries and go into the lowest division.
B.6 A new team registering in the Peak Leagues will play in the lowest division. SCG, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to place a new entry in a higher division, if a vacancy exists, and in their opinion the team is of a standard to go into the higher division.

C) General Rules
C.1 Games will be eight ends (maximum) or the bell. A minimum of six ends must be completed for the match result to be counted. Two Points for a win, one for a draw. League position decided, once any penalties have been applied, by Points, then total ends won, then shots up, then total shots scored.
C.2 In the unlikely event of a position still being tied after taking account of all of the foregoing, the result of the game/s involving the tied teams only will be used to establish final league positions. If there is still a tie the league will be declared a draw.
C.3 In all Divisions the winning team will automatically be promoted. In all but the lowest Division the bottom team will automatically be relegated. If any division exceed 8 teams then the top 2 teams will qualify for promotion and the bottom 2 teams will be relegated. SCG reserve the right to promote/demote more or less than 2 teams per division, where necessary to balance the Divisions.
C.4 A player can only play for one team in a Division in a season.
 Penalty: If a player plays for more than one team in a Division in the same season, the offending team(s) (the second and subsequent teams they play for) will forfeit the game, with their opponents being awarded 2 points, 5 ends, and 5 shots – the defaulting team will be deducted 5 shots.5 A nominated player can only play above 2nd position for one team in any of the main divisions. 
 Penalty: If this rule is breached then the offending team(s) (the second and subsequent teams they play above 2nd for) will forfeit the game, with their opponents being awarded 2 points, 5 ends, and 5 shots – the defaulting team will be deducted 5 shots. Note that skips have sole responsibility to ensure their nominated players do not breach this rule and must ascertain if any of their players are playing in another division and at what position.
C.6 In the event of a team failing to appear for a scheduled game, that team will be responsible for all the ice fees for that game.
 The non-offending team will be awarded the game and receive 2 points, 5 ends and 5 shots. The offending team forfeit the game and will be deducted 5 shots and be deducted 1 point from their overall points.
C.7 In the event of both teams failing to appear for a scheduled game, they will each be responsible for paying their respective ice fees.
 In such circumstances the game will be declared null and void and no points, ends or shots will be awarded to either team. Both teams will be deducted 1 point from their overall points total for non-appearance.
C.8 Games must be played on the date and at the time notified by SCG in the draw. SCG, only in exceptional circumstances, may allow a game to be re-scheduled, BUT will only consider this with an explanation of the circumstances submitted to the Secretary and the agreement of the other skip. Note that Active Stirling require notice of cancellation/re-arrangement or full ice fees will be due by the requesting team.
 If SCG decide to allow a re-arrangement, then the game must be re-arranged, with the non-requesting Skip being given priority over the date. If a date is not agreed within a month then the requesting skip must pay the ice fees, even if still trying to agree re-arranged dates.
 If re-arranged dates cannot be agreed the Skip requesting the re-arrangement is responsible for the ice costs and forfeits the game. The non-requesting team will be
awarded the game and receive 2 points, 5 ends and 5 shots. The requesting team will forfeit the game and will be deducted 5 shots and be deducted 1 point from their overall points.

C.9 A Skip cannot cancel/re-arrange a sheet of ice without notice.
 Penalty: The Skip will forfeit the game and pay for the full cost of that ice sheet. The offending team will forfeit the game and a score of minus 5 shots shall be recorded for them, and will also be deducted 1 point from their overall points. The non-offending team will be awarded the game and receive 2 points, 5 ends and 5 shots.
C.10 Rules not covered by this document will be played as per the Scottish Curling (RCCC) Rule Book, including free guard zone.
D) Substitutes.
D.1 To assist skips to be able to field full teams there will be no overall limit to the number of substitutes that a team can use throughout the season. This is generous, but is subject to the following restrictions:
a) In each game there must be at least two of the nominated players playing for the team.
b) A substitute may only play for 1 team in a Division in a season
c) A substitute may play only at Lead or 2nd
 Penalty: If this rule is breached, then the offending team will forfeit the game with their opponents being awarded 2 Points, 5 Ends and 5 Shots. The offending Team will lose 5 Shots for each and every breach.
D.2 Substitutes MUST be marked on the scorecard by placing an ‘S’ next to their name.
D.3 A nominated player in one Division can also play as a substitute in another Division.

E) Three Players
E.1 In circumstances where a team, at the start of the game, has less than four players, then they can start with 3 players, or if less than 3 players, can wait up to 30 minutes to see if more players arrive, and if so they will commence the game when the 3rd player arrives provided that there are 2 nominated players playing. Once a game has commenced, if a 4th player arrives before the 30 minutes from normal start time are up, then they can join the game at the completion of the current end.
 Penalty: The non-offending team will receive 1 shot after every complete 5 minutes the 3rd player was late, up to a maximum of 5 shots. If a 4th player does not arrive within 30 minutes of normal start time, then the game will continue with 3 players, and the non-offending team will receive 5 shots.
 Penalty: If a 3rd player does not arrive within 30 minutes of normal start time, they will forfeit the game and lose 5 Shots, and will have 1 penalty point deducted from their league total for nonappearance, and MUST pay for the total ice sheet cost. Their opponents will be awarded 2 Points, 5 Ends and 5 Shots.

F) Scorecards
F.1 Scorecards must be legible and fully completed:
a) Enter the date and the Competition (Division 1 etc).
b) The team name will be the name of the person who entered / registered the team.
c) All players’ names must be printed in full and must be legible. First initial is not acceptable.
d) Cards must have each end properly scored, and total game score entered. In the event of
an incomplete score, or an incorrect score, SCG may make such adjustments as they deem fit.
e) Fully completed cards must be verified and signed by both skips (no signature – no points).
f) Cards to be posted, immediately after the game, in the box marked 'scorecards only'. It is the winning skips responsibility to ensure the scorecard is posted in the box.
F.2 Scorecards will be checked by SCG to ensure teams comply with the rules regarding team
selection. If any breaches are found, the penalties detailed will be applied. If any team thinks its opposition team may have breached the rules then they should sign the score-card but intimate on the card they are lodging a query. They should then lodge a query with SCG to investigate, and to apply any penalties for breach of the rules. This should be made to the Secretary by email or in writing. SCG will endeavour to resolve any queries within 14 days and inform both team skips accordingly. If unable to meet this timescale both skips will be informed of the delay and where possible advised of the reason for the delay. Where information is requested from a skip or responsible adult for Junior teams and no response is received within 14 days the SCG will make its decision based on representations made to it and information received from inquiries.

G) SCG Overview
G.1 SCG reserve the right to review, amend or interpret these rules as they, at their sole discretion, deem appropriate. SCG decisions, at all times, will be binding on all teams and participants.