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Eight clubs from Stirlingshire Province competed in this competition on 20th February 2015 for a trophy initially presented in 1879 and played regularly since then. The clubs playing are Larbert, Sauchie and Bannockburn, Borestone and Stirling, Grangemouth, Lauriston and Zetland, Denny, Bonnybridge and Falkirk.

The winners this year were Falkirk, second was Borestone and Stirling, and third was Bonnybridge.

Alex Reid trophy


Background to the trophy - as transcribed by Graeme Giles of Borestone and Stirling:


Birth of the Alexander Reid Memorial Curling Association

 in November 1879,

and the resuscitation of same on 24th November 1926 after a lapse of many years in the wilderness.



Alexander Reid Jr. in whose memory the Reid Memorial Trophy came into existence was the son of Alexander Reid who with his brother James were among the Founders of Larbert Curling Club in 1838 and Alex Reid Sr. was the first President of that club.  Alex Jr. was one of five brothers all of whom (but one) were leading members of the Club.   He was renowned throughout Stirlingshire & further afield as a magnificent Curler but his popularity arose not so much from his prowess in this respect as from the fact that in addition to his mastery of the game, keiness, & enthusiasm, his great sportsmanship and good fellowship made beloved by all with whom he came in contact.  So much so that when his tragic death from pneumonia occurred when only 38 years of age as the result of a chill contracted when curling on Larbert Pond, it was suggested at a meeting held in Falkirk at which several clubs including Larbert were represented that a trophy in memory of this big hearted & highly respected brother should be subscribed for and put up for competition among the clubs interested.  this meeting was held in Falkirk sometime in Nov 1879 & it would appear that there must have been a speedy response to the call for subscriptions as the Reid memorial game was played on Larbert Pond on Thursday 11th December 1879, the eight clubs taking part being ABC&D, Bonnybridge, Camelon, Carron, Denny, Falkirk, Larbert & Stirling Castle.  The winners of this first game were Denny with a majority of 34 shots.

Subsequent to 1879 the Trophy was competed for on numerous occasions but prior to season 1925-1926 there had been no opportunity for play for many years as there was no ice available.


The 16th December 1925 was a great day for ABC&D as on that day they carried off the trophy.  This was accepted by the Rev Miller from the hands of Mr Jas Jones Senr of Larbert who presided.  Had it not been for the late Alex Mitchell Bonnybridge & J N Reid, Larbert this game might have gone into the limbo of forgotten things.  However on 26th November 1926 a special meeting of the clubs still connected with this competition was convened by Mr Seaton Secy of the Larbert Club.  That meeting was attended by representatives from Bonnybridge Denny Leslie Park, Denny, Camelon Falkirk Larbert, ABC&D  the gentlemen from the latter club being the late Messrs Jas Edmond & Robt Boyd.


Mr Mitchell of Bonnybridge presided & explained that the meeting had been called for the purpose of forming a proper Constitution & for the appointing of officials.  So far as is known there had never been a Constitution although it had to be presumed that a Committee had originally been appointed to carry through the business of the Association & make arrangements for the annual game. 

Six of the original clubs were still in existence ABC&D Bonnybridge Camelon Denny Falkirk & Larbert.  Denny Leslie Park had come into the competition some time in the years gone bye & at this meeting it was agreed to invite the Borestone Club to come in & make up the original number of eight clubs.  It was also decided that the competition should be placed on a satisfactory basis by the adoption of a fresh constitution & the formation of revised rules.

The Office Bearers appointed at this meeting were

            Hon President          Geo R Ure Esq.        Bonnybridge

            President                   P F Jones    “             Larbert

            Secy &Treasr            D Beaton                       “


Following season 1925-1926 the next opportunity for play did not arise until Season 1928-29 - a lapse of three years when Borestone were the winners.  Season 1932-33 saw Falkirk coming out on tops – that was following a further lapse of 4 years.  The victors of the 1935-36 game was Borestone Club - that was after another period of 3 years.


At a special meeting held 20th March 1936 it was decided that instead of being at the mercy of the weather & having to rely on Jack Frost who only made spasmodic appearances that future Games be played on Indoor Ice.  During the season 1936-37 & up to season 1938-39 the competition was carried through at Haymarket but with the arrival of the new Ice Rink at Falkirk it was naturally decided by the Association to transfer the games there.  From season 1939-40 the competition was carried on until season 1941-42 when due to adverse circumstances and lack of travelling facilities engendered by the World War it was agreed in conjunction with the Provincial Club to suspend operations until the termination of hostilities.  Season 1942-43 until season 1944-45 were therefore blank but the competition was resumed in season 1945-46 at Falkirk and has carried on there since.


Various clubs have been successful during all these years but ABC&D were down in the dumps until last season 1947-48 when after a lapse of 22 years they bobbed up to the top and again annexed the trophy with a majority of 29 shots, all the skips, Messrs Robt Young Wm Sutherland and W Young and their respective players were in the ascendency and very strong opponents and all of them deserve our heartiest congratulations in restoring the reputation of the Airth Club after such a long time in the wilderness.  At one time not so many years ago Clubs meeting an Airth rink in any of the competitions felt they were on to a soft thing & that their chances were very rosy.  Now the position has completely changed and the thoughts of any rink drawn against them run exactly in the opposite direction.


Long may this continue and with the hope that the club will go on from strength to strength and be a force to be reckoned with no matter who their opponents be.


I should like you to be upstanding & drink to the health of last season’s winners of the Alexander Reid Memorial competition.




Pencilled notes for the Trophy presentation in November 1949 by D Seaton